Following  an item in the Parish magazine a group  met  in                                                                                                                                        Stannington Council School.

         Present were ....  


-- Stuart  Baines        Deputy Head


-- Leslie Bird               Shopkeeper                      --             ???  Cooke


-- Rowland  Brown    Sales Mgr.                         --  John Tyas  Mgr. - Parish Councillor


-- John A Maitland   Accountant.                        -- E Crownshaw          Refractories.


-- Alan D Day              Outdoor Sales Mgr.         --  Joe Atkin                   AA Staff  


-- H E Wright             Retired


Ladies Present          --   Mrs. E Oates        --    Mrs. Baines  


At the meeting a Committee was formed


Chairman                John A Maitland


Secretary                 John Tyas


Treasurer                Joe Atkins


Press Officer          Mrs.   E Oates


      After wide and general discussion on related subjects a minor group

      was selected to formulate policy and procedures.  Regular meetings

      to be held.

  • To be named  Stannington Local History Group.

  • We celebrated our 50th Anniversay with a display from our Archives in Lomas Hall in August 2012.

Between the Fields

Stannington Local History Group


  • History and formation of the Group

Stannington still has the feel of being a village despite the fact that it is now joined both administratively and physically to the City of Sheffield.


Stannington Village starts towards the top of the hill at the old West Riding boundry at the junction of Stannington and Oldfield road by the Sportsman Public house.


Stannington has always been a strong community, as it still is today. In the past as a hill village, it was quite remote and could often be cut off by snow and bad weather in the winters.


In the early part of the twentieth century and, even earlier, the churches, chapels and public houses all provided the villagers with plenty of social and sporting activities.


Today many associations meet and activities take place in the village hall, Lomas Hall.

Formed in 1962.