Stannington Local History Group

Lomas Hall 2
Lomas Hall

Stannington Local History Group meets in The Lomas Hall, Stannington,

 on the fourth Thursday of the Month.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm to hear various speakers.

There is an annual membership fee of  £3.0  plus £2.0  for each meeting.

Membership Fees will be collected from the September Meeting

Non Members are welcome at £2.50 admittance.

Meetings and Speakers

Monthly Speakers for 2020


Cathy MacKay                  The Sovereign Isle of Man

27th February

26th March

Anne Marples                      Sheffields Water supply in Victorian times.

'The Bustle Lady'           The special contribution Crooks made to Sheffield water

23rd April

23rd April

Enid Vincent and Phil Lockwood       "Inn Signs their History and stories "      



28th May

 Lloyd Powell + Short AGM           "John Talbot and The War of the Roses"




25h June

Mike Ogden                               The Slow Road --- A Canal Journey          

Graham Sykes                     The Forgotten Blitz Sheffield 1916                                              




23rd July                      Malcom Nunn                           More of Henry Burley's local slides

2nd October                    George Clark                Hilsborough Revisited  -- The Story of

                                                                                                       the 1989 Disaster        

24th September               Angela Dickinson         Twelve years of searching for Castleton's

                                                                                         Medieval Hospital                                                                                            

Christmas Party  (Members only)

26th November

Pat McLaughlin             Cathedrals and how they were built

                                                      Including Sheffield, York and Lincoln

17th December

Due to the Corona Virus Lockdown, No Stannington Local History Group meetings,

will be held until further notice.